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Writer, Jerry Waxler’s article featuring my memoir:

Why I Write

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Not too long ago, I entered a little quickie contest.  I was one of the winners! The theme was: Why do I Write, and this is what resulted:

Why I Write:

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I write by day, I write by dark

It’s not just for play or a foolish lark.

I write in the car and my job at my desk,

On my iPad, computer, my phone, no less.

I pen my thoughts which are stuck in my head, 

Which keep me awake as I lay in my bed.

I write to relax, to earn money or win

I write to release my feelings within.

I blog to promote the memoir I’ve written

With hopes that one day the public is smitten.

I love what I do and and I write what I wish

In the end I love having goals accomplished!

I’ve made a couple of mini-edits since the version posted at  Also recently, fellow writer / colleague, Lori Schafer,

 has carried forth a Why do I Write theme at her blog, and she honored me with an invitation to participate.  I am sharing my poem with her and all of you and asking any other writers to embrace this opportunity to do the same.  I will link you to my site, as i am linked to Lori’s.  so it’s sort of a writing chain for fun, exposure and networking.  Who’s in?