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Adoption Book Review: The Tangled Red Thread #Flipthescript


Adoption author, Elle Cuardaigh has written a detailed account of her life as an adoptee from childhood and into adulthood. Throughout the story, events unfold which shape the person she is today.  The life of adopted people is often a quest along a very tangled path, where birth and adoptive relationships weave together, and The Tangled Red Thread shows that our life stories are not simple and easily explained or understood.

Cuardaigh handles this well with both respect and honesty in her writings about her adoptive and birth family members.  This is not always an easy task for a writer when trying to maintain authenticity in a personal story.  Her eloquent descriptions and inclusion of everyone demonstrates how very much she cares about her people.

Without giving away any spoilers, this is a book about more than being adopted, searching and finding.  This is also a family story about overcoming loss and hardship, about living with burdens no child should have to endure and inner strength, determination and gaining peace as our lives progress.

The Tangled Red Thread is an excellent choice for adoptees because we can relate to the feelings of being torn between loyalties to our adoptive and birth families. Non-adopted readers can gain lots of understanding for the complexities of most adoptee’s personalities. It’s also an ideal book for therapists, educators and social workers who are interested in family dynamics and grief counseling.