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Book Review of Patrick McMahon’s Becoming Patrick

In his memoir, Becoming Patrick, adoptee and author, Patrick McMahon, delivers an eloquent and artistic account of his experience as a young adult coming to terms with being adopted and living in the shadows of the Baby-Scoop Era, where secrets and lies defined the practice of placing babies in new homes. This was an era of closed records, fear and shame for adoptive and birth parents, which in turn shed loss, sadness and a sense of incompleteness on the adopted children of the time.

McMahon skillfully delivers an honest and emotional account of all he felt when he acquired his initial information, experienced the first telephone conversation and attended in-person reunions with his birth family. His descriptions of settings and attention to detail immerse the reader around kitchen tables, long walks and other meet-ups while long-lost family members share photos and stories while recovering lost time.

This is an excellent read for adopted adults who can relate to the experience of searching for elusive loved ones you never knew you loved until you connected. Therapists, social workers and others wishing to explore adoption and its complex effects on adopted people will also appreciate this work. 

There are very few adoptee books written from a male point of view, which adds to this book’s uniqueness. Mr. McMahon’s voice speaks artfully and sincerely for a population whose words long to be heard. His frank yet upbeat writing superbly represents adopted adults wishing to sort out the mysteries surrounding their origins and identity.  


OK…Here’s an Idea…


The more I browse on line and connect with other adoptees and birth/natural parents, the more I realize that there are many outstanding blogs out there concerning adopted people and their first-parents. I find that there is very little new to be said that somebody else with talent and candor isn’t already discussing. Please see,, and for excellent websites with a multitude of points of view.  I have felt in a quandary about what do I have to offer in the “Land of Adoptism” that would be meaningful, useful and not repetitive. (Isn’t this always the way of adoptees…The forever pursuit of finding a place in the world and trying to fit in.)

I like to think of myself as a pretty good reader and a damn-fine writer. I like doing book reviews, so If you have a book you wish to have reviewed, please contact me, and I will be happy to consider it.  Of course, if your book is a calculus textbook or or an intense study of snakes, I might not be the most qualified reviewer. However, if you have a book about “Adoptism”, education and other family dynamics, I’m your person!  I’ve got this!  (Puppies and kitties are always welcome too!   : )  )

I’ve already reviewed a few books, some re adoption some not, so if you have a work in need of a review, I will consider it, but again, I may not be the best-suited person for certain genres or topics.  That doesn’t mean you have a bad book…It means I may not be able to treat your book fairly, and as a writer, I know how important it is to have work evaluated by someone who cares and understands.

I am also willing to trade book reviews with anyone who would be interested and have the time to read/review my book, Akin to the Truth.  For me to review your book, you would just need to send me a PDF or free ebook or print copy, and I will do the same for you.  I will post that review to Amazon and Goodreads plus my blog(s).

Would you like to do an author interview?  I can also help with that. I will send you a set of 20ish questions to answer, which I can post on my blog/ social media sites, and you can X-post to yours. As authors, we need to work with each other and support our pursuits. As adults who are part of the adoption process, this is especially true.  Let’s be united and work together. Let’s all share the good Karma and put a positive and united spin on the needs and interests of “adoption-triad” members and celebrate our accomplishments as writers and artists.

Who’s in?