Review of Adoptee Memoir, Worthy to be Found, by Deanna Doss Shrodes:


Deanna Doss Shrodes, a writer, pastor and adoptee in Florida has recently written a memoir about her relationship with her birth family, specifically her birth mother, whom she found in the early 1990s. She shares her account of the search and reunion stages with candor, feeling and humor. The title of her book is: Worthy to be Found.

One, (of many), important points Shrodes makes in her writing is that every adoptee’s experience is unique, and what works for one person or family doesn’t always work for another. For Deanna, her connection to faith and the support system of her husband and children have kept her grounded and serve as reminders that no matter what happened in the past or what happens in the future, she is loved.

Another significant concept Deanna Shrodes addresses is the notion of worthiness. Many folks representing the adoption constellation, (biological parents, adoptees and even adoptive parents), struggle with feelings of low self-esteem. This is usually due to perceived expectations of society regarding conception, and how we conduct our personal and family life. Adoption may be an option, but it isn’t “traditional” for forming a family, and some members of the triad can feel stigmatized and frustrated by unanswered questions, physical limitations and assumptions sometimes made by non-adopted people.  

In Worthy to be Found, everyone involved has value, regardless of past actions, familial status and abilities. There are “good” and “bad” people everywhere, but it has nothing to do with the adoption process. Everyone has worth. This memoir is a great reminder of that.

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