Here are some Qs for you, Elle Caurdaigh:

  • 1- Elle, please tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Your kids? Married? Your job?, etc.
  • Hi Paige, AKA My Favorite Reviewer. I need to start with a disclaimer of sorts. Elle Cuardaigh is my pen name. I prize my anonymity. So I cannot share a photo or identifying information. I hope this won’t take the fun out of it for you. With that in mind…
  • I was born in Tacoma, Washington and have always lived and worked in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I have four beautiful daughters from an otherwise disastrous marriage. I do have a job outside the home, but prefer to keep that private.
  • Fair enough.  Privacy is a huge deal, and we Internet Masters do understand that!
  • 2-  So, when do you find time to write?
  • Writing is something I do every day. It’s just part of my routine. My favorite time is early morning, when the house is quiet. You can picture me in my robe and slippers, with a cat and cup of French Roast coffee by my side. And it’s raining.Kitties & coffee!  Yay!  (High-fives to you!)
  • 3- Besides Tangled Red Thread, do you have other writing projects, past or present? 
  • My memoir The Tangled Red Thread was supposed to be the one and only. Then Lynn Grubb contacted me.
  • Well, I’m glad she did!
  • 4- In your essay for the Adoptee Survival Guide and in your memoir, you wrote about how badly you wanted to lay eyes on your birth father and the frustration in not being able to do that. Have you been able since that time to have any sort of relationship with either him or his family? Except for seeing my father that one time, I had no contact with him, at least none that was reciprocated. I briefly had a friendly relationship with his two (kept) daughters, but they cut off communication over ten years ago with no explanation. It still hurts.

I am so sorry to hear that!  I hope that turns around for you one day!   5- I think something you and I have in common is that we are both moms who are very involved and dedicated to our own children’s learning and development. How have you talked about adoption with your kids? What do they understand about your story?

 I was determined to find my birth mother before ever having children, so there would be no “gap” in their knowledge of family members. Since their dad also had a double family – due to remarriage by his parents, not adoption – it was normal for them to have this myriad of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I have always been honest with them, but only gave as much information as they asked for, in a way they could understand for their age. Though they are all adults now, most of them don’t *ask* about my story. I’m just Mom. I sure can relate to that!  6- when did you decide to write your memoir and what inspired you to get started?

Elle, Thank you so much for stopping by and letting us get to know you a little better!

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