Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age

Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, edited by Laura Dennis, is an a eclectic collection of reflections and insights by adopted adults and others affected by adoption.  Practices in adoption are changing, (hopefully), and so are the ways in which adopted folks contact and communicate with potential family members and others serving as leads and search angels for pursuing their original identities.  

Regardless of which era an adoptee comes from, many issues and feelings are universal, and this book adresses these issues effectively:  the need to know, the sense that there’s something more to our assigned “story” and a pervasive desire to learn about the truth of how we came to be in this world.  Most adoptees wish to contact their birth family members, and, similar to that sensation you experience when nearing the front of the line of the hugest roller coaster you’ll ever ride, there’s both dread of rejection but also the anticipation of possibilities and enlightenment.

Not every adopted person/ family member has a sunny, perfect outcome once they acquire their documents or make their first contacts with long-lost relatives, but what remains the same is that in each essay presented in this collection, there’s an element of hope, energy and no regrets for pursuing this unique journey of self-discovery.  

The easy access of technology and social media makes everything we pursue happen faster than ever before.  This is true also with discovering new and sometimes delicate relationships with long lost family members.  It can come upon you very fast, thanks to Google and sites like Facebook. Names, faces, blogs and ancestry records abound like never before, and this can be very overwhelming for all involved.  There’s little time to savor and digest the new information which can change lives and heighten awareness.

Advice in this anthology about how to cope and negotiate for the best reunion outcome is worthy and valuable, whether or not you are tech-minded or from an earlier era. Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age is ideal for anyone interested in exploring adoption themes and concerns and presents sound advice with a focus that’s both realistic and positive.


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  • Norma Little Carpenter  On July 17, 2017 at 3:18 am

    My adoption story is so awesome. I’m proud,blessed and so proud of both my families. I have been accepted with open arm since I found them in Oct 2015. Meeting my sister niece. Nephew and his wife and children with my adult children in Myrtle Beach next month. Found by a group in FB. Les than 24 years. I’m 59 years old from SW PA

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