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Born With Teeth: Kate Mulgrew’s Birthmother Memoir

Stage and television star, Kate Mulgrew can now add “author” to her impressive list of talents and experiences.  Her memoir is Born With Teeth and tells about her childhood, early acting success and rise to fame all the while harboring a nearly devastating secret:  She was a birth mother who had no other options but to have her daughter placed for adoption when no one would support her with parenting needs while her career was taking off. 

Mulgrew’s story-telling “voice” is articulate and elegant as she describes her early home life and relationships with her siblings and parents, her early acting pursuits, romantic encounters and education in theater.  At the same time, the reader gets the impression that she is “real”, as if you could be sitting together at a quiet restaurant or coffee shop listening to her share her life story, passions and sentiments. The story reads swiftly and keeps the reader engaged while turning the page to find out if and how she landed those coveted acting roles and eventually connected with her long-lost birth daughter.

Born With Teeth is candid, bold and a great read for Mulgrew fans and fans of her television shows in general.  It also adds an influential voice to the emerging community of adoptees and birth parents who are speaking out more about adoption rights and reforms. For anyone who might be searching for and wondering what happened to their own missing family member(s) from years prior, this is a wonderfully expressed account of one birth mother’s life path as she pursues her dreams and never forgets.