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The Art of Life by Alyce Wilson: Not Adoption-Related, but What a Great Read!

Alyce Wilson’s collection of memoir-seque essays, The Art Of Life, is upbeat, humorous and rich in descriptions about her experiences, feelings and lessons learned.  A very helpful Who’s Who section appears in the back of the book, almost like a curtain call, which clarifies the relationship of the assorted characters to the author’s life.

Many entries are themed around Wilson’s pets, especially her loving and trusty canine, Una and her kitty, Luke. Therefore, this book has definite appeal to pet-lovers. Another unique quality of this collection of writings is that many entries have morals and or humorous messages at the conclusion.

The Art of Life is the “Chicken Soup” of one young woman’s observations as she experiences post-college work life and relationships with family members, men and friends in an ever-changing world of technology and expectations. The well-crafted vignettes read swiftly but are full of enlightenment and good advice for all.


Review of Amelia’s Story, Book 1 by D.G. Torrens

Amelia’s Story, Book 1 tells the struggle of one girl’s challenge to remain a part of her family with an abusive mother. She grows up in and out of the child welfare/orphanage system in England, while trying to maintain contact with her brother, form friendships and finish school. Technically, Amelia isn’t an adoptee, but I chose to read this book because it was closely related to adoption and foster care and takes place outside the USA. The cover is appealing and wistful.

Everyone in the foster and adoptive care system has a worthy story, and all of our voices need to be heard. Unfortunately, the writing style is less literary and more like reading a factual report. It reads fast, but it lacks detail and deep feeling. Clearly, the writer has the feelings, and perhaps the subject matter is so sensitive that she felt unable to delve much beyond just reporting events.

There is a sequel to this book, and I am undecided about reading it at this time. I wish author D. G. Torrens well and much success with promoting her books. I hope that her writing has brought her some peace.