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Twinsters: Adoption Movie review

Twisters Movie Review

Twinsters, a delightful documentary, co-directed, written and produced by Samantha Futerman, tells the tale of a young, adopted Southern California woman who unexpectedly discovers via social media that she may have a twin sister. Both girls were born in Busan, South Korea on the same date. Samantha was raised in the USA, and her sister grew up in Belgium and France. 

Their story is touching and relatable for all adoptees, especially for those who find siblings and form relationships, no matter which country you’re from. The film shows in detail many of the feelings adoptees process prior to reunion and just after as reality of a whole new family life sinks in. Personally, the moment when they see one another live for the first time brought back exciting memories from my own adoption reunion(s). Also, the scene where they photographed their hands together, struck a chord for me because my sisters and I have done the same thing.

Even though Samantha and Anaîs are identical twins, (proven through DNA testing), their perspectives on being adopted are different, which proves again that as adopted individuals, there isn’t one “correct” way to think about our statuses. This makes explaining our feelings challenging. However, this film masterfully represents a wide range of attitudes regarding the adoptee spectrum.

(If “adoptism” isn’t a word, it ought to be!)

The cinematography in Twisters is spot-on as the viewer travels literally around the world from Los Angeles to London and South Korea, as the saga of the twin sisters’ reunion is captured. It was also interesting to witness the blending of both girls’ adoptive families and foster mothers during their respective visits. Their story is filled with humor, honesty and resilience, and I enjoyed getting to know Anaîs and Samantha better through this film.

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