Adoptee Rap Inspired by Fellow Adoptee, JoAnne Bennett’s Question: “As your fellow adoptees, how can we help you to feel genuinely supported and cared about as valuable human beings in the Adoption Community?”

Adoptees through time have had a back seat.

Unknown relations we wish to meet.

Society’s said what we feel ain’t that bad.

They haven’t experienced the emptiness we’ve had.

Adoptees want our opinions heard,

and receipt of validation for our word.

It isn’t about revenge or ingratitude.

But people at large need a shift in attitude.

It’s time for laws to modernize and update.

We’re no longer children, wards of a state.

We can fight in wars and smoke a cigarette;

We get tried as adults, and lest we forget,

If we do our part with responsibility,

Then why can’t we connect with first family?

Adopted people don’t always agree,

but we need to establish greater unity

among our own awakening community.

We should celebrate our achievements without jealousy,

Unite for our causes and work as a team.

We should care and console, no judgmental disdain

And avoid competition and comparing our pain.

If we want acknowledgement, more cred and more gain

From inside

To feel cared for and valued by peers there should be no divide

The more we bond the less we will hide

yet be free to appreciate our differing views without shame

Understanding our counterparts; not placing blame

For something that happened a long time ago

Let’s honor and celebrate now, for now is what we all know!               #flipthescript

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