Review of Little Sylvie, An Unforgettable Adoption Story

This memoir is Sylvie Gagnon’s, account of her adoption experience and what her adoptive parents went through during the process of adopting a baby from Canada. It is also about Sylvie’s feelings regarding being an adoptee and connecting with her biological mother as a young adult. I chose to read this memoir because Sylvie is an adoptee from Canada, and I have a friend who is also an adoptee from Canada and naturalized in the USA.

This book reads fast and is very much to the point. It proves once again that as adoptees, our feelings and beliefs are all over the spectrum. I would have liked deeper reflection and description in the writing, but Gagnon makes some essential points which all adoptees can relate to.  She went through a time where searching for bio family was not a priority for her. She believes this is because she had a blessed life with her adoptive family and she was lucky enough to have a sister and a couple of close school friends who were also adopted. Gagnon never felt isolated or unsupported. One message this very short book delivers is: Surround yourself with go-to “safe” people, with whom you can freely discuss important needs and ideas.

Eventually, Sylvie Gagnon, (a pen name), did realize that she would like to thank her bio mother for giving her life and making the decision she did in the 1960s. She was also wondering about heritage and health history since having nothing of substance to provide doctors was both annoying and disappointing. These beliefs ring true for many adopted people.

Gagnon discusses how she was found by her birth mother by a private detective and what a shock that was, considering her adoption was considered closed and she was still a student in grad school, trying to figure out her life.

During the course of correspondence by mail, Sylvie’s birth mother shares some important-to-know but difficult information. (no spoilers). The next message to fellow adoptees and anyone who might be searching for a missing family member is: Try to not focus too much on any negative feelings you might experience because of the past. Instead, focus on how you can be the best person you can be now. She goes on to advise the reader to think very carefully before making the decision to search for and contact a missing relative. Careful consideration is a key to having successful relationships and having your unanswered questions resolved.



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