Review of Adoptee documentary, WHO AM I?

We can never have too many first-hand accounts when reporting and sharing adoptee truths.

Filmmaker, Joey Ashbridge created a masterpiece in the adoptee world when he filmed and produced Who Am I? in 2015. It is about his experience of being an adoptee and acquiring his Original Birth Certificate and associated documents from the state of Ohio when OH opened their records in 2015.

Joey is personable, humorous and real. If you watch his film, you will journey with him as he pre-processes what being adopted has been like for him and what his biological family members might also have processed throughout the years prior to attending Ohio’s “Opening Day” ceremonies and convention in March of 2015. He addresses his situation in a caring and sensitive way.

Ashbridge also shares his experience in the moment of receiving his 23 and Me DNA test results while waiting for his OBC to arrive. For an adopted person who knows nothing about his or her actual heritage, this information is invaluable. Ashbridge muddles through bureaucratic red tape and angst while enduring the waiting process.

Viewers have the opportunity to watch an adoptee, (Ashbridge), open his OBC on camera and experience what it is like to finally have one’s actual, personal adoption facts revealed. It’s emotional, intense and completely honest. Next, we follow Ashbridge to various locations as he seeks background information and ultimately connects with some of his biological family members.

Ashbridge handles his new found knowledge and relationships with compassion and respect. His film is a great and realistic example of how to conduct a successful search and reunion in the digital age. He’s made his work available to all via YouTube so please take advantage of the adoptee documentary, Who Am I? when considering materials to study and prepare with during a search and reunion process.

Link to the film on YouTube:

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