#30yearreuniversary wrap-up:

I just got home from all my worldly travels this month. It will be a while before I get to go anywhere outside of driving trips again just because of real life. July has been a blast. What a privilege to see all the sights and be with the people I have been with this month.

The trip to So. Cal. w my two sisters (on my birth mother’s side) was beautiful and jam-packed with activity. I’m still processing, but it’s all good. This was our #30yearreuniversary of me finding them and connecting w them in July of 1988. Each time we get together we learn a little more about one another and realize that together we do possess a “Power of Three”. (“Charmed” reference)

On this trip, we saw older houses where my sisters once lived. How the homes look now are not the way they used to look in that the neighborhoods have turned over, some owners have done re-dos and makeovers. In one case, my sister’s father’s former workplace was torn down. As a threesome, we went to Forest Lawn and visited the grave of our birth mother. It was good and right and the 1st time all four of us if you include our birth mother, were in the same place at the same time. It did not feel sad or awkward, but we didn’t need to stay very long, but I am glad we took the time to be there. It was like a healing and closure thing to be there together. We laid three red roses, (her favorite flower), on the grave and spoke to her in our heads.

The next morning my older sister found a mysterious gif picture in her phone photos and does not know how it got there. It was a pic of a sparkling red rose. (insert Twilight Zone theme music)

We went to a dinner theater pirate comedy show. I’d never seen anything like it. The meal was OK-ish but the show was a lot of fun with hot pirate guys, trapeze artists, dancers, light and sound effects. The next day we got up, ate the blah but included-in-the-rates motel breakfast and made our way to Seal Beach not before stopping in a WalMart and Target for drink bottles and other assorted supplies for our day at the shore. WalMart tried to charge my sister $60 for two Pure Leaf tea drink bottles! Our Power of Three stopped this from happening prior to her card being charged.

What I learned: In the morning, I am the fast one. I get up, in and out of the bathroom and dressed before everyone else. I am ready to get going. My sisters poke and dwaddle more. TMA is a good driver in very annoying traffic and keeps calm. She is a brave but not aggressive behind the wheel. She’s good at making you feel safe; We are all pretty good when it comes to meandering in gift shops (or not); KDN doesn’t like Brussels sprouts at all, but she’s skilled at speaking up and asking questions and getting service (plus sometimes free stuff!). She’s also very gregarious and will chat it up with other people in lines, restaurant workers, and anyone else nearby; Riding a big-ass roller coaster and primally screaming while descending 108 feet/ 33 M @ 55 MPH is bonding; We do beach time well and love the sun and all the people-watching; We could eat tacos for every meal if given the opportunity, and we take pictures of EVERYTHING! We all need to pee a lot but we travel well together.

In Disney Land, we shared memories, rode rides, ate an amazing dinner at the River Belle Terrace and foraged through when they told us that both Space Mountain and the Matterhorn were closed on the one day we had to be there. At least the Haunted Mansion was open and did not disappoint. The laser light show and Magic Mountain were beautiful too.

In California Adventures we rode: Soarin’ Around the World, (imagine an iMax type movie playing, and you sit in swing-like seats so you feel like you’re hand-gliding all over), Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly the Tower of Terror made over), Grizzly River Run, (a White Water Canyon/ round raft type attraction where you do get wet on this ride), and the Incredicoaster, (formerly known as California Screamin’). The light parade was cool and the churros were the best I’ve ever had.

I couldn’t have asked for a better trip and precious time with my sisters while we are still young enough to run around and do activities together. We could have let ourselves get bogged down about the facts that the rental car place was run by dim-wits, the lauded Fast Pass system is a crock to get more money from amusement park attendees, (especially when your preferred rides are shut down) or that the cost of a hoodie or t-shirt with a Disney, TM logo is ridiculous, but we focused on the positive like our chance to be together and play games while standing in long ride lines (like the iPhone game Heads Up!), joke around and feel whole. Feeling whole is a big one, and we felt that the minute we stepped off our respective planes at LAX and ran to one another at baggage claim.

Now I am back home, 2,000-plus-miles away, and I will miss my sisters, but the feeling whole part remains. We will do a reuniversary again, someplace somewhere. It might only be at one of our homes while eating pizza and watching Netflix in someone’s family room for 5 days, but we will do it again, and it won’t take 30 years.


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