Adoption: The Never-Ending Story

This weekend on Ancestry DNA, I found a first cousin match! ( or did my new 1st cousin find me?) 🤔 At any rate, it’s delightful. This time in the adoption story I’m on the other side of the fence. I’m his bio cousin. I’m the one holding a bunch of answers to his over 50 years of questions.

Will I help a cousin out? You bet I will!  I’m excited to “do my job” as both a fellow adoptee who gets it and as a family member, willing to be open and accepting to the new guy. I’m excited and he is ecstatic!

We are related in that our birth fathers were brothers. My bio-father had more in common with his big brother then just being in the Navy. It’s possible my uncle, this new cousin’s dad never had a clue as to what resulted from probably a brief, in-the-moment “fling”. We’ll never know how that part would be handled since everyone who could have known from that generation has passed.

Too many secrets. So much information. Our stories continue to unfold, one adoptee at a time.

One thing my new cousin and I can agree on. We’re not alone. We’re glad there are others out there just like us. We are glad to now have each other.

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  • Mel Gambutti  On January 16, 2019 at 8:31 pm

    Paige, I know the feeling! It took over a year of drawing out hints on Ancestry on what I knew (by process of elimination from 2 maternal 1/2 sisters’ Ancestry results) to be my paternal side, for a 1st cousin to appear. From there it took many weeks to find his name and speak with him–my father’s sister’s son. It was a feeling as powerful as the time I connected with my birth mother.
    I write about these experiences in my book, “Permanent Home,” which you have kindly reviewed on Amazon, and here, on your blog. All the best, Mary Ellen

  • Paige Adams Strickland  On January 16, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Thanks! Yes, an advantage I have on Ancestry is that I did the DNA thing AFTER having already found my people. Now, these little unknown secrets are starting to emerge and or other relatives are catching on or doing it as a lark, (as I kinda did), and you just never know what turns up…

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