Book Review: Who Am I, Really? by Damon L. Davis

Damon L. Davis is a well-known podcaster in the adoptee community. His episodes of “Who Am I, Really?” are enjoyed by many adopted people, and Davis has recently released his memoir by the same title: Who Am I Really?   An Adoptee Memoir.

Davis’ writing is engaging and personable. It feels “real” as if you are having a conversation over the telephone or in a coffee shop with him. Davis makes sure to honor his four parents: Ann, Bill, Veronica, and Willie, in a way that allows the reader to get to know his whole family history. He details his “coming out of the fog” experience and how he carefully considered his moves toward searching for and contacting his biological family members so that everyone could be treated with kindness and respect.

Damon Davis and his wife are also kinship adoptive parents, which allows Davis to have a unique perspective on the subject. In his book, Davis also shares his joys and struggles with caring for pre-teen adoptees (rather than infants). He has had the advantage of offering his own understanding of being a fellow adoptee while in the process of rearing older adopted children.

Davis describes his successful reunions and the challenges he faced in locating his biological/natural parents. His desire to search grew after the birth of his biological son, which is a common reaction for adopted adults.

This book is an excellent resource for adopted people seeking understanding and affirmation for their feelings about being adopted. It is yet more proof that even people with “good” upbringings and adoption experiences often still are curious and desire as much information as they can acquire about their first story of how they came to be and why they were adopted in the first place.

Who Am I, Really? An Adoptee Memoir is a positive, fun and friendly reading experience as are Damon Davis’ podcasts. Be sure to add this one to your adoption reading list!

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