Adoptees & COVID-19 Quarantine: We have a plan!

I’ve been trying to figure out what to say regarding this topic as it relates to adopted people. Of course, there is a spectrum of responses because no two adoptees (or people in general) are alike, so this is hard to qualify.

Many of us are trying to find ourselves all over again since this pandemic. Maybe we had a functioning identity we’d finally come to terms with because of our profession or other roles in society, but now our jobs are different or in some cases, nonexistent. Perhaps we have had a significant relationship change during this time so that now we don’t see ourselves connected to others in the same way as before due to separation or loss. Adoptees who could define themselves by certain activities like sports, arts, tourism or other forms of leisure services are searching for new ways to find a role that feels necessary yet emotionally fulfilling.

Then there’s the fact that many adoptees are already struggling with who they are regardless of world circumstances because they have a lot of missing information about their past. Pandemics do not stop us from wondering where and from whom we came. In fact, as we feel our existence threatened, we might be sensing this more intensely, especially if we fear time is running out and our options for self-discovery might become even more limited not just by out-of-date laws but now because of nature.

It’s more important than ever to connect with other adoptees and folks who may be on a similar path. We might not be able to be in the same building together, but we can join through social media interest groups and participate in online chats via Face Time, FB messenger, Skype, Zoom and many more. This is why I am encouraging you to join the Indiana Adoptee Network’s series of Zoom “Happy Hour” chats on Friday evenings. We are a fun, caring group and are sharing our talents, passions, and connections as we would as if the actual conference occurred. Whether you wish to join actively in the conversations or just be an observer, you are not alone, and you are welcomed!

Here is a link to this Friday’s gathering:

Zoom is easy to use if you are not familiar. Once you register (it’s free) you will receive a link. Download the Zoom app (also free) and then follow the invitation link!

See you there!

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