Review of Synchronicity & Reunion: The Genetic Connection of Adoptees and Birthparents

Have you ever searched for and found a missing biological relative? Have you discovered quirky, unique or crazy similarities or common patterns in your lives, even though you’ve lived apart?

Although this book was written back in 1992 by the late LaVonne Harper Stiffler, the information is quite timely and suitable for today’s adoptee or bio parent. The author begins the book with a basic introduction in adoption psychology, which may or may not have anything to do with synchronicity or meaningful coincidences but is spot-on. It sets the stage for later chapters and the information provided is useful for any adoptee or 1st parent who is considering the search and reunion experience. She describes the need to search as a “…the human homing mechanism…”.

Stiffler also frequestly references the “mobius connection paradygm strip:

Mobius-Strip.jpg | Copley Raffas a way to explain the interconnectedness of paths between the adoptee’s life and that of the biological family’s regarding amazing coincidences and other phenomonae which exists but cannot be scientifically explained (yet). She cites various heavy-hitting adoption “all-stars” such as Betty Jean Lifton and Nancy Verrier along with reputable phsychological theorists from history: Jung, Freud, and Kammerer, plus many others.

This book also contains a plethora of adoption-related coincidence stories collected by the writer, which are amazing and fun to read. Unexplained yet existing synchronicities can happen with dreams, career choices, names, common birth, marriage and death dates among families, even ESP-type happenings and “gut” feelings.


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