A review of: Un M Othered

Actress, author and recent PhD , Liz DeBetta has a beautifully choreographed, written and expressed one-woman play regarding her experiences as an adoptee. The show is cleverly titled, Un M Othered.  

I can’t begin to list every poignant line in her play because there are so many, but she has eloquently and accurately expressed many of the ways we adopted people view and interpret the world in which we live and cope. 

Her acting and writing are elevations of the adoptee voice perspective. Her thoughts and emotions reflect what many of us have felt either currently or at some point in our lives. 

I hope every adoptee can experience this play. It is available on Vimeo, and given that going out to see a play is a rate and wonderful thing right now, this show is a real treat in many ways. Some of my favorite lines are as follows:

Books gave me permission to escape the confusing reality of my life…” (So incredibly true!)

Loneliness keeps me from me...”

She refers to a life of “…accepting crumbs...” when it comes to relationships and personal info about her origins, and here’s a real zinger of a line:

I just want to find the center point of myself again; see me clearly; clearly see me…and it’s hard to find the center point of yourself when you spend so much of your life confused and conforming to ways of being that are expected of you.”

As I said, I could go on and on citing amazing, heartfelt, raw yet eloquent excerpts from this evocative stage production.

This is the link to Liz Debetta’s extraordinary work: https://vimeo.com/397194620/03cd91831c?fbclid=IwAR1FMqHWRAt7ZtSxkcpmzZBEV0cNhTgfkkRm0qIZXbPuUPiZaSi7pRfeGEk


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